Turbo for 1.8 V6

  • I think I might be dreaming but I was looking over the Pakfeifer website and there was a big picture on the front page of a turbo kit that they have developed that will fit either the 2.5 or the 1.8 V6 engines.

    $3350 Canadian dollars which is £1473 in real money :D http://pakfeifertuning.com/store/product_info.php/products_id/848 Since my car is the wrong year to swap to a KL-ZE its time for me to start saving I think.

  • It is for both, i have a 2.5 V6 Turbo kit coming as im in on the BB…. I was worried it may be a scam but i have now contacted the company and all is being delt with as a few things went wrong with costs and who should foot the bill etc

    The only difference between the kits it the size of the Turbo, i think the kit will be eventually produced after this initial batch but as complications arose time will tell. If you boost the K8 it will cost twice as much as a KLZE swap, so maybe do that first and then add Turbo Kit later. The MX6 kit will fit on easy to an MX3 wth minor modification required...

    You can spend £2000 on engine internals with a ZE and get rebuilding with a handy mechanic, then the car can be mapped upto 400WHP!!!!

    Im going to run 7Psi on the standard KLZE which gives you nearly 15Bhp per PSI, so it should get things moving a bit, the car is already very fast..

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    Yeah I have been following that GB since it started,

    From what I have heard I would ditch the K8 for the KL-ZE and then think about turboing it - thats what im doing :twisted:

    Besides it will be cheaper to do the swap first.


  • Yeah, Id love to put in a ZE first but as my car is a 98 model you cant :cry: (something to do with it being OBDII instead of OBDI).

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    Ah, ok

    I think I have read about people doing the swap on ODBII cars, have you had a look about it on www.mx-3.com?


  • OBD Explained
    On Board Diagnostics is used by mechanics to check for faults with your car by plugging in a special diagnostics reader that will show a series of 'fault codes' that can then be looked up to determine any problems.

    Before 1995 most cars used OBD-I, and most manufacturers used their own special diagnostics reader. This meant that a garage would have to buy and learn how to use more than one reader. so in 1995 they brought out OBD- II, which was fitted to nearly all cars in the UK. OBD-II is universal which means you only need one diagnostics reader for all cars. It also has much more advanced diagnostic capabilities than OBD-I, but for the purpose of this swap it should be avoided unless you are a very competent Auto electrician with a lot of spare time on your hands-and I do mean a lot!

    –--> This is because on the MX-3 to accommodate for the OBD-II system they completely changed the cars wiring loom (all its electrical wires).

    This causes a problem for us, because to complete the KL engine swap you have to 1. Swap the engine over and 2. Swap the ECU over to match the engine.

    It is the ECU that causes the problem as there are only 2 ECUs that you should really use and they both are only compatible with the OBD- I wiring loom.

    So make sure you buy an OBD-I MX3 if you plan to do this swap. All MX-3s before 1995 are OBD-I and some early 1995s (made in 1994, released in 1995).

  • So you can do a KLZE swap on any year MX3, but you have to basically turn the wiring loom into that of an obd I MX3.


    Go for a standalone ECU and wire that in instead.

  • Yey, nice one explained Admin, i was trying to think of a way to put it simply but the above post sums it up, if i had OBDII i would personally go standalone.


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