Running Very Rich

  • Bought this car as project 2 summers ago and its still not been MOT'd. The car starts 1st time but when revved alot of smoke comes out the exhaust. Checked compression on all cylinders and every cylinder is nearly bang on the manufacturers quotes so the cylinder heads fine.

    The spark plugs turned black soon after i serviced the car, and i can smell that rich smell after turning the engine on, so its running far too rich, is there any way to manually adjust the mixture?

    Also after a drive not as much smoke comes out the exhaust, but only when you actually take the car out on the road, sitting revving the engine has no effect on the amount of smoke.

    Any help greatly appreciated since the cars been sitting on my drive for 2 years now.

  • sell it me :D

    The another project commences :D

  • I really would if you offered me enough, av just not got enough time for it just now.

  • These engines are known to eat oil rings, compression will show as fine, but the oil rings can be knackered. Happens a lot on early KL engines and I suspect KF and K8 too.

  • did the diagnosis test and the Heated o2 sensor error code came up, so going to replace it when i can find one and see if that fixes the problem.


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