Just Done KLZE swap but its Idling at around 3000 revs.

  • Hi,

    Just swapped in a KLZE with Underdrive pulley, Stainless Headers, downpipes, decat, cat back and air filter and its Idling at 3000 rpm.

    I swapped over the alternator, dizzy, crank position sensor and EGR system from the old MX-3 engine as these were all missing on the KLZE I bought.

    Still running on the MX-3 ECU (waiting for Probinator chip intsall)

    Anyone Got ant Ideas?

  • as i said to Mechanic, it could be the IAC. or another is the VAF?

    might be damaged or just dirty. you could try using Carb or Break Cleaner on the VAF's wires


  • Air leak?

    KLZE does not use EGR, so I would bin it and block it, we dont need it in UK for emissions.

    Is the TB butterfly completely closed? The cable might be too tight and pulling it.

  • I had to make a custom bracket to get my cable to run the correct route other wise it was snagging and caused the revs not to drop.

  • make sure the TPS is set correctly as well…

  • sounds like a air leak somewere, or something set wrong


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