• Hi, newbie owner here, bought me a lovely L reg off e-bay, only problem she seems to have is that she ticks over at between 1500 and 200, occasionally dropping off to a more normal rate, but most often sitting at about 1200.
    P.S thanks for the link to the manual,,,working fine for me, 8)

  • When ya find out could ya tell me coz i have shit idles on both my K8 and KLZE… spent god knows how many hours trying to sort it out...

  • will do,,,,,, that should read 1500 - 2000, wondered if it was because of the sports filter thats been added and can i just adjust the idle screw???? pc mechanic but not car mechanic

  • No car mechanic 8 years workshop experience and class 4 MOT tester…. :roll: ..... Strange as i had the problem on my K8 i then swapped it for the KLZE with different ECU AFM sensors and the like still same prob...You can adjust the idle by the throttle there is a verticaly mounted idle screw with a large philips head on it turn to your pleasure..

    Sometimes mine idles fine then other times its all over the place..

  • 2 ideas as i had a similar problem with the old mx.

    first one is simple enough, just a ground wire kit. you could go for the ebay option but i wanted the satisfaction of making my own!! i bought some really densly packed 4 gauge speaker/power cable with some platinum coated terminals. worked out at about €35 but its some of the best cable you can get, and its 12 yards long and it came with 12 connectors. i then got shrink wrap for it off ebay for about €3! ill do a quick how-to when i get it if anyone wants?

    next one is to clean out your TB, especially the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve. apparently this can cause quite a lot of issues with the idling, as it did with mine. and it is a very expensive part to replace. so get cleaning now before it gets any worse. im going to do it on a week off anyway just to keep it clean.

    here is a brilliant how-to on it:

    Good Luck!!

  • Got a custom earth kit.. highly recommend..
    Will try give the iac a good clean out… my KLZE breathes quite hard put an inline filter on the rocker return of the PCV valve it catches loads shit in it.

  • nice. where did you pick it up?

    notice much difference? i had a few extra crappy wires on the last one but it still made a bit of a difference

  • I used some earth cable that i had lying about at work definalty made a difference on start up must quicker response.

  • i had a problem quite the same. turned out to be a connector block tucked behing the back rocker on left hand side was off along with being dirty. cleaned it up and fine. could be something that simple.


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