Thunk noise from rear drivers side suspension.

  • I've just started hearing a thunk noise coming from the rear drivers side wheel. I put it up on a jack this morning and at about halfway off the ground the suspension strut gave a thunk then when lowering it back down again at about the same height it gave another thunk. Any ideas whats wrong and how to fix it short of buying a new shock?

  • sounds like cracked shock!!

  • did you wobble the wheel to see if the wheel bearing was alright?

  • Yeah gave the wheel a good pushing / pulling when it was up off the ground seemed okay. If its a cracked shock :shock: then what are the chances of catastrophic failure and how much is a new one gonna cost me?

  • cool cool For a new shock shouldnt be no more than £50… just a general guess as i know theiur not that expensive.

  • I have a similar sound from the same place in mine. Haven't jacked it up to see cos I just assumed it was a loose exhaust or something.
    Anyway, car went in for a service today and I asked him to look at it. He says it's a worn off side rear anti-roll bar link. The garage has got the part on order so when it arrives I'll take the car back and let you know how much it all cost.

  • Id appriciate it. The noise has stopped (for now) but if it comes back id like to know how much its gonna cost.

  • Car is going in on monday for that and centre exhaust section replacement
    I'll probably be able to let you know the price on monday night

  • the anti-roll bar end links cost around £16, if you shop around for em, but the garage will probably have paid £20 - £25 for one. (cant remember but either the front or trhe back are slightly more expensive.

    They are easy to fit yourself.

    Get em off ebay, ebay germany, probestore, or carpartswarehouse.

  • Right all sorted and no thunking noise from the back now. cost was £25.41 +VAT for the part and £20 +VAT for labour. Reason for high labour cost was that the old one was aparrently a pain in the ass to get out to the extent that they had to cut it to get it out!
    Vast improvement now tho.

  • Yeah you do have to cut em off sometimes but nothing difficult its just a grinder job.


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