Cam Belt

  • Anyone know what the average cost of having a timing belt replaced on a 1.8 V6 is?

  • Not cheap mate. When I first got my MX-3 (about May time), the first thing I did was to send it in for a service, timing belt, new HT leads. and I think the whole thing came to about £380 ish. I'll see if I can find the receipt for you but the thing is that the cam belt (as far as I'm aware) is a pain in the ass to get to (you need tiny japanese fingers, the mechanic told me) so labour time might be fairly high.
    I'll look for the receipt tomorrow.

    Hope that helps

  • Thanks. I had a suspision that it wouldn't be cheap (nothing ever is with my car :roll: ) but at least this gives me a ball park figure to work with.

  • Hiya, I know it's a bit later than I said but the bill wasn't where I though it would be.

    I had a full service when I bought the car in may.

    Cam belt cost: £30.39

    Cam belt fitting (don't faint) £112

    plus VAT

    Sorry for the bad news mate!

  • £142. Meh, not as bad as I was expecting to be honest. I just paid the best part of £900 to get it through its MOT so £142 doesn't seem quite so bad compared to that. Thanks for digging that recipt out. :D


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