Possible ignition prob

  • First off i have a 1992 mx3 with a klde engine in it with k8 inlet manifold and tb. car run ok quick then started to misfire got code 3, changed dizzy for a 2nd hand one code went and no misfire the mechanic was supposed to have set ign timing but made an arse off it and set it at 20 degrees b4 tdc. So i took the car for a dyno run to see what power got 168.5 hp and 177.8tq at crank with quite a big dip in power about 5300rpm to 6000rpm and he set timing at 14 degrees to try an even the dip out but when its on the road its slow. And i found out there was a vacuum pipe off when it was on the dyno i put this back on and it got a little better. But can you tell me because the ign timing is set at 14 degrees instead of 10 could that be causing the dip and sluggisg performance?

  • You set the base timing, the ECU then corrects it. I'm not 100% but I don't think you can correctly advance the timing by that method. The ECU will just compensate for it (possibly up to 10 degrees?). I'm sure it's on mx-3.com somewhere.

  • Your saying that you got 168.5 hp at the crank is damn good out of a KLDE with a smaller throttle body and inlet on it.. Standard KLDE only have between 164-170 hp in various applications.


    To set the timing up it's a pain in the ass to get the timing gun onto the crank hardly any room… It could cause the dip in power .. alos check your VRIS is working correctly..

    What other mods have you done to this engine?

  • no mods just using 1.8 gearbox and flywheel. so you think the ignition timing being off 4 degrees could be the problem?

  • It's possible or the fact that you are running the wrong inlet and throttle body…

  • vris is working properly. the car was ok before, even when the old disty was in and it was misfiring.

  • VRIS points will be wrong.

    KLDE is only 163-165 HP anyhow.

    Timing on a KLDE should be set at 10-12 BTDC.


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