Cam Sprocket Deviation :(

  • I put this to the back of my mind, then my Dad kindly reminded me of it today…

    My rear cam sprocket seems wobbly when running, maybe a 2mm deviation in and out. I cant work out whether the sprockets bent or the cam or the bolt. It was torqued to spec. I wouldn't have even noticed this had I not taken out the rubber cam circles on the timing belt cover! The bolt seems to fluctuate as well, though obviously imbalance is worst as the farthest point - where the timing belt is.

    Any thoughts guys?

  • It's hard to tell me old fruit… Sorry not much help..

  • lol thanks anyway.. It's hard to tell in that video but somethings definately warped. I have some kl31 cams sitting about so maybe this is the sign to put them in :roll:

  • Hey mechanic, check this one out, especially at 2:20. It's 120 frames per second video.

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