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  • Hi
    Bought an Mx-3 last week - fancied one for ages.
    'P' plate v6 with 104k on the clock. The amazing thing is it has had one owner from new!!
    So far after a week's motoring I am happy. :D

    However (or 'but' if you like) there are one or two probs which I would be grateful for help on.
    1. Car is red and is faded on mirrors, spoiler and rear n/s panel. Tried some T-cut and it seems to work. Any recommendations? Is T-cut OK on plastic bumpers?
    A few places have paint polished through to undercoat (white?) and I would like to touch up. Anyone know the name or colour code?
    2. The air con doesn't work. Previous owner (not mechanical) says he thinks a mouse has bitten through some wiring as they found a box under the bonnet - he thinks a/c filter - full of peanuts put out for birds.
    The compressor isn't switching on as no engine note change when operating switch.
    Any clues where to start looking? It is very busy under the bonnet.
    3. Rear demist does not work. I have checked the fuse - OK - but assime there must be a relay somewhere - but where?

    I am based in Swindon, Wilts. Anyone else in the area?

  • Blaze Red i think mate…

    Im in nottinghamshire,along with kami and ash.

  • Welcome dude :)

    1. I recommend meguiars tech wax, works wonders on my red mx. T cut will quickly cut down to the undercoat, but does of course work.
    2. Air con - I've no idea, don't have it on either of mine!
    3. Demist - the connections at the edge of the frame on ok? Not sure where relay is, check manual on mx-3.com

    oh yea blaze read is right, says on the door frame sticker the code - SQ IIRC.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks guys for quick replies.
    Will get the meter out this w/e and do some wire checking on the demist. There has to be a relay somewhere.
    Really would like to get air con working as this sweltering summer demands it! :roll:
    Did think about Zymol - until I saw the price. :shock:
    We have used Maguires before on daughter's ST and it was good so will go for that. May even have some in the shed.

  • A/C pump could be fucked. or might need re-gassing.

  • Buy some Farecla G3 rubbing compound, hit the car with it using an electrical buffer, then give it a good polish after using Farecla G10 rubbed in by hand.

    Once its done, put on a layer of wax to keep the nastys away and she'l be good as new :)

  • demist relay is above fuse box in car drivers foot well. however simple test turn ignition on (dont start) let fuel pump prime. once done press rear heat stwitch. should hear a click. when turn off should hear another one as it turns off also.

    following that there is another fuse in bonnet fuse box (demister is run off two fuses)

    also manual is for down loading in FAQ's

  • Thanks for all replies!! Nice to find you all so helpful.
    A couple of points.
    Valley - tried the relay audible click test. Heard nothing. Will look for second fuse and then if necessary I'll have to check wiring back from screen.
    rsroadkilla - where do I buy Farecla? Halfords or do I need a specialist of some sort?

  • Its a trade only product fella, although I think you may be able to get it from ebay…


    The G3 is the compound which is awesome stuff! It will remove any light scratches aswell as bring the paint to life!

    Then you want the G10 to polish the car with after. Its the only polish I would use on my mx, as it was so damn good!


    Theres mroe than enough to easily do your car 4 times in the tub, although you will need to spend an afternoon doing it!

    And make sure you tape up your window rubbers and other black plastic extras as its a royal pain in the arse to get off!

    Dont be scarred though, give it a try!!!

  • I know it mught seem a bit of a cop out but as it was nice today and being impatient I did some work on the Maz.
    Not having time to get Farecla (but I will try it soon) I bought T-cut original and Meguires Tech wax.
    I have to say she has come up a treat and looks oodles better. I now have a RED car not two tone pinkish.
    The spoiler definitely needs a re-spray as do the mirror casings. Is the spoiler hard to take off??
    The resident petrolhead where I do abit of P/T work (got to keep moving - I am retired BTW) said " you need to go to see Bill at the farm". Bill, it appears. does spray jobs, is well priced and very good.
    So that's the next step for the now.

    Valley - I cannot find this relay for the demist. Can you explain exactly where it is, please.

  • ok here goes. (cant go look excatly as its raining like hell, ) but from what i can remember.

    where your fues box it in drivers foot well

    look above that ( will have to squeze in well)

    you should see i think 2 relays. about 2-3 inches square by 1-2 cm wide) these are hazzards and rear demist relay.

    note these clip on to a metal bracket that require pressing in from back and gently pulling/sliding down of the relay.

    this should be the one close to the rear of the car( hope that makes sense)

    way i found out what was what is the correct one is turn on hazzard's and feel for the clicking of the relay.

    thus resulting in the non clicking one being the rear demist.

    once down remove the attached cable.

    need anymore help give me a shout and will try to get a pic tomorrow when on lunch in work and post up.

    also have a look at the manual for the wiring diagrams also.

  • Thanks for all that, I'll have a go at the w/end.
    At the moment, no light on the switch, I thought (according to handbook) there was a fuse in the footwell but there isn't one marked as such but the one in the engine bay seems OK.
    I am electrical (RAF trained) but this type of faault can drive you crazy!!

  • i guess that the RAF and CAR electronics differ somewhat?

  • Ummm. Not really the principles are the same no matter what but it is a little bit more complicated on a plane. But… you do have unlimited resources and you tend to replace rather than repair - at least in my days a long time ago.


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