Ideas for my car…

  • well i got the letter saying my car was bieng writen of as CAT C, they are letting me keep the car and giving me about £1000 too.

    Now then the damage is to the rear and the main part is the bumper, which will just push out altohugh the paint is cracked, its not very noticable though.

    Before the accident my ABS light came on, so im gonna spend a bit getting this sorted, finally. And possibly get the cam belt done, dont know when it was last done although it looks good from the top, the teeth may tell a different story.

    I also have a dent in the bonnet which was from a rock bouncing down the middle lane of the M1. I'm going to repair and respray this along with the front wings, as they are off colour a bit and the front bumper. At the same time im going to add the V6 splitter which has been waiting for paint for about 12months.

    Im hoping the ABS light wont cost more than £250 to put right, and the paint should be pretty cheap a DIY job, (done 2 cars in the past). Im not sure thouggh wether to just put it in for a full respray though as the paint is getting quiet tierd.

    I've already modded wheels, suspension, full stainless exhaust, polished engine bay, CAI, strut bars. Dont want to get a body kit as i like the look of my car. did think of brakes but i dont drive fast and the standard one work pretty well.

    Any ideas or suggestions for what i should do/get would be nice

  • green stuf pads or a spliter for the rear bumper
    maby a guage or 2

  • matt black it, and buy a mazda mx6..

    the abs light…could just be low brake fluid... or the pins near calipers... if in doubt..take it off mate..

    1k u can do alot with...matt black it, klze it

    if you got a garage me and dad will pop up and help you out mate.

    if not that...

    get all body work perfect...mazda mx3 in yellow :roll:

  • cheers guys.

    thinking I'll get the body mint, and that splitter. might spray the front end and the rear myself and possibly take it in to get the roof and doors done, only cos i dont want to remove the windows, let them sort it! haha

  • be lucky if they take the windows out…probely just mask them up mate.


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