Mazda MX3 Arch Kits - Ideas Please

  • I want to get some arches made up, nothing too hardcore, but does anyone have any ideas or local bodyshops that can make them

    Lets get a Photoshop / Paint ideas thread going here to see what happens…....

  • wish there was some arches out there to reduce the size, I hate the way the mx3 arches are so huge. Seems like you need tractor wheels to fill them.

  • 17's and a 40mm drop do the job marco!

    When you say wide arches, do you want bubble arches or flared arches like the clio v6 etc…?

  • @78ec3d3fe1=rsroadkilla:

    17's and a 40mm drop do the job marco!

    whats the handling like after it?

  • 40mm drop doesnt realy do much for Handling, Just stiffens it up 25 percent. You need shocks if you want to improve handling. If you want to go even further ARB's (with drop links) and Lower Tie Bars do the job nicely

  • I think he meant that when you drop a car you mess up the factory camber and castor angles etc.

    It should not be a problem though, just make sure you get them re-calibrated after the drop.

    Most of the time you can drop it and you won't notice anything, but never dropped an mx3.

  • crazy i no
    but series 1 rs turbo arches fit a treat
    was gonna put um on mine but wuda spoilet the look i was goin for
    also you would need spacers
    just an idea

  • like this?

    My rear arches are a bit fecked, considering chopping off all the rusty area then covering over the gap with arches. Can't see any other way around it!

  • mine were rusty on the mx before it went into the bodyshop… all we done was cut the rust out, and fabricate a piece of metal to be welded back in... sorted the job perfectly!!!

  • yea I was trying to avoid that! Cost a kidney?

  • well i had it done with all the other work so was all inclusive….

    but im sure some local welders could do it for you at a decent price...

    if you do the arches it will cost you more to get tehm sprayed than it will to have your rear quarter blown in!

  • lol yea I reckon I'll leave it for now, just keep dousing it with kurust! Then when I've sorted more important stuff (like a ze :P) I'll work on the appearance more, proper respray in black:twisted: and get the arches etc done. Thanks dude!

  • i imported an arch kit from america i think it was origionally intended for an eclipse or the like. However, the bodyshop want an absolute fortune to blend them in > and the cost v end result = just not worth it. You could buy a much newer better car for how much the project was going to cost me.

    when i sent my car to the bodyshop i had roughly already spent the same amount on an m reg car as what my mates were spending on new / nearly new sports hatches 200 bhp + standard.

    however the arches were damaged anyway when the thieving little pikies nicked loads of stuff from the bodyshop.


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