• This is a reply i got from a guy with a '93 v6 (irish car) for sale.

    *** Non-runner ***

    Was running perfectly up until a few weeks ago. I have now got a boring Saab as a family car, and the MX-3 lay idle for a few weeks; tried to start it but no luck. Have checked the engine for the usual things, it turns-over fine etc., and found a bad HT-lead. Could be as simple as replacing that, but I can't be sure.

    I was just thinking, would broken lead not just cause it to misfire and not interfere with it starting?

    any ideas? :?

    btw this car is the other side of the country so i cant just pop over to have a look.
    but on saying that if i had a definite idea it could be worth the trip.

    Thanks in advance. :lol:

  • you can pull out HT leads and it still runs, I'm sure I've had at least 2 out whilst running! Would make it a little harder to start (few extra cranks to get to a firing cylinder). Could be the distributor, pretty much what happened to me.

    Ask him to put a wire between TEN and GND and an LED between FEN and +B and to tell you the flashes ;)

  • Car is sold

    Thanks anyway Marco

  • eh, he's from the west side of ireland, filiament bulbs are still recent news over there!

  • :lol: haha!

    Np ma'sda


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