A question from a Newbie

  • Hi
    Firstly can I say what a fantastic club for a fantastic car.

    I'm looking for some info on the front wing, is it bolted on or welded on and if bolted how do you remove it?
    I need to replace my drivers side one someone in a hurry flew infront of me on a island and smashed the whole front drivers side corner. :(
    Needless to say I have to replace the bumper, headlight, fog light, indicator and wing.
    If anyone knows of a sparkle green wing and bumper could you let me know or if there are any decent breakers in te East Mids/East Anglia area?

    Thanks in advance

  • welcome aboard :)

    I've never had to touch my wings thankfully. But someone who has on mx-3.com said:


    there are 2 bolts right on the bottom of the fender below the front mud guard, 3 or 4 right on the top pf the fender, open the door and at the top of the fender behind a small peice of rubber (right at the point on top of the fender), another one behind the headlights, pull the marker out if you have small hands, pull the plastic wheel well liner out, think there is about 6 small screws holding this on, the mud guard has 4 plugs holding it on, dont need to remove this but it helps, there is one screw holding the bumper to the fender right at the point, 1 more about 8" back from the headlight. think this is all, going from memory.

    Regarding breakers try ebay for mx3s breaking, I'm from NI so can't help you on locals.

  • dont bother with the fog lights :) get a custom part of stainless made, and get the air filter down were the fog light should be, right hand side of engine bay at the front.

    wish you the best in finding your parts Lucy.

    Any pictures of your mx-3?

  • Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. I did do a search marco but couldn't find anything so thank you.

    call me stupid Welly but how do you add pictures? Would love to post one of mine and my partners pride and joy - his lexus soarer???

    I've located a bumper, headlight and fog light for £90 which I didn't think was bad, just gotta get the bumper sprayed and find a side light/indicator now.


  • http://www.imageshack.us

    upload your picture to there, then go to the bottom link its just http:// version.

    copy the link, open ur topic up, click the Img button,paste the link,then click the img link again.

    and your all done :)

    yeh i like soarer, has it been drift kitted or anything?

    look forward to pics lucy.

    if you get stuck im on msn alot, Leehumphreys91@hotmail.com - just add me.

  • Ok here goes, the rear :

    side :

    and the Soarer :

    I apologise if they are huge, how do you make them smaller? Or please could someone make them smaller for me?


  • Lucy you have a very nice rear…...it's just like mine... :shock:

  • thank you very much Mechanic :)

  • haha cheers for chat up line mechanic, will use that when im clubbing lmfao..awsome…

    nice cars lucy :)

  • your mx-3 looks nice! welcome to the forum!

  • Thanks Mooneggs 8)
    Only had it 3 months so theres a few things I want to do to it and make my mark on it but not had time to yet.


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