Klze & uk spec 2.5

  • hiya

    anyone know what the difference is between the klze & th uk spec engine??

    lookin to buy one but if its a minor thing to upgrade the uk one to the 200hp i can save some cash

    cheers peeps


  • UK spec KLDE (or sometimes called KL03) is 164hp
    Jspec KLZE is 199HP

    KLDE can handle more turbo, KLZE more go naturally aspirated but can handle low PSI turboing.

    Despite the substantial HP differences the torque differences aren't that much, IIRC 160 VS 165 ftlb. I still went with a ZE having said that, it's nice to be exotic :D

  • cool ive found a klze for £120 with 80k on the clock i feel a rebuild would be a good idea

  • bargain! Yea why not while it's out. Though I'm sure it's still healthy enough at that mileage, it's nice to know it's all fresh though :)

  • I get anywhere near full power on a ZE you must have the ECU too, the 1.8 MX-3 VAF is the same, so you dont need to worry about that.

    No ECU, only gain around 10 hp over a KLDE.

  • ecu are quite easy to find theres loads on ebay us that is. this will make you laugh german ebay have a klze but its £1000 what a joke lol

    cheers for the help peeps


  • 1k is abit harsh are u sure its not euros. i paid 650 for my ze from nippon with garunteed low milleage the millenia intake.

  • no it was £ i asked the bloke and he said it was mint had only done 10 thou miles.
    what do you have to change on a klde to make it a ze anyone kno ?

  • IIRC

    KLDE 164/5hp 160ftlb
    kl01 cams (less aggressive)
    kl01 heads (poorer flow)
    Dished Pistons (lower compression - higher safe boost)
    Stronger valve springs and retainers

    KLZE (straight neck "true" klze) 199hp 165lbft
    kl31 cams (more aggressive, peak higher)
    kl31 or kl31 1a1 heads (fast flowing)
    Weaker intake springs and retainers, but larger HLAs & valves on intake
    Flat pistons (higher compression - lower safe boost limit)

    DEs arent a bad thing! Infact they are the most popular kseries to boost, due to lower compression. But for NA - KLZE FTW :D Though you can boost the ZE and make more power per less PSI of course :twisted:

  • so the cams, heads, ECU and pistons are the only difference between the DE and ZE?


  • yea that's all lol

    well that and the intakes/throttle bodies…

  • so if i buy a klde and change evryting except springs and retainers ill have a better engine which i could run higher boost on??

    would it work?

  • yea it would work, it's becoming more common for people to build DE/ZE hybrids - DE bottom end, ZE heads and cams with DE springs, and ZE intake.

    This set up is supposed to be good for 10psi and a bit over with stock internals. KLZE would be 5/6 psi before things start going wrong (unless it's perfectly tuned).

    Having said that it I'm not sure how easy it would be to get hold of all those parts to mod a DE. Also, a klze on 6psi is going to be pretty nuts - 300whp+ on a FWD car… Either engine has plenty of power to be had, but the DE probably has a higher stock internal maximum. IF you're after crazy power you may rebuild your bottom end with a HP kit - forged internals and all that.

    have a look here and see which setups are making the most power:

  • I struggle to put the power down in a midly tuned ZE, in the wet its a night mare, 60 mph cruising in 3rd drop the throttle and light the wheels up…

  • get some beter tyrers

  • better than toyo proxys ?

  • I loved my Toyo Proxes T1-R :( Then along came a big cube of steel and exploded them with my alloys :(

    Get a megasquirt in with traction control :wink:

  • beter grip with good year egal f1s i fined and there cheeper
    very good in the wet

    i have a full millenia engine people usuly just go for the inlet
    but the millenia is a standerd hybreed with ze pistons and de heads
    puts out 190 bhp they come in Xedos 9

  • Been thinking about getting a megasquirt…

    But i do enjoy overtaking saxos in second on full throttle and just smoking past em....

  • Traction controll is overated ;)


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