Forced induction

  • idea ive been toying with recently as this supercharger kit is not turning out to be as it should, as seems to be the case with most things from across the pond
    ive had the idea of air injection, something that if its possible, i will develop and fabricate myself
    basically the principle of adding a secondry air supply whilst the engine is runnig, probobly more similar to nitrous than a turbo or supercharger really.
    been speaking to my step father who is very competant with things like that, saying i would have to add another injector to cope with the excess air otherwise i would suffer pre ignition and blow it up/ melt a piston
    but if this is the case just wondering how the turbod KLZEs from the us and other countries manage it, becasue surely its the same principle,
    cheers in advance for the comments/ critisims and possible recomendations of how to go about this

  • im doing a turbo klze havent got far with it yet but have a lot of info form jt tuneing and mikey

  • hes probobly the most knowlageable bloke about these engines really isnt he, jus didnt no how viable it would be to do somethink like that
    you stengthening the internals??
    hows it comming along??
    oh and di you get me picvs of the leather
    all out now, jus 2 fiberglass seats, roll cage and the battery in the spare wheel well in there now :wink:

  • yeh i did full leter all black old style how much you looking for them ?
    un no stock inturnals only puting in 8 psi boost all it will take standerd befoe it blows puting in new rings and evtything when i rebild it

  • fair enough
    make me an offer mate if ya want as it will only just sit there
    and fair enough
    thats my plan rebuilt mine before i put it back in thats why i was thinking of limiting the air flow to around 6-8psi
    jus wanting to know if it will work really

  • If you are using a K8 I wont go above 6psi, that’s enough to go above 200Hp

    And if you are using a KL-Ze high compression don’t go above 6psi

    Kl-ze low compression go to 8 or 10psi Max, after that it all starts to go wrong mate.

    These are the safety zones, you block will run sweet on these. Above these limits and the you start to blow things…..trannys, conrods, drive shafts, pistons.

    klze high is normal ze 200bhp
    klze low is a malania 190 bhp

  • na mate got a hybrid de/ze in there so should be ok lol
    ze heads, de bottom end and inlet manifold
    and did you have a figure in mind for this leather?? lol

  • realy dont know waht to offer then not shore how im gonna pic them up as well

  • if you are turboing/ supercharging then you need higher flowing injectors, or an AFPR that can seriously crank your fuel pressure, that's how you get more fuel in to match the extra air. IIRC the first and best step is millenia injectors which flow enough to take you to 300hp on a ZE turbo. To match that new flow rate you may also need a walbro 190hp and will need an adjustable RRFPR, if you are not tuning electronically with MAP ecu, megasquirt etc. For getting a basic turbo going I'd say hgallegos is a good guy to speak to, he seemed to get it going for minimal £££. Oh yea get a proper wideband aire/fuel guage, invaluable.

    James' PSI numbers seem dead on. From what I've read keeping a turbo engine from blowing up is 90% tuning, and the best way to do that is MAP based piggybacks or standalones.

  • yeh i got my numbers from jt and evry one knows they blue a few up geting the right numbers
    im going walbro fp and some cort of fule pressure boost valve with a guage for set up i also have a fp guage in my pod inside
    k8 ecu chiped to keep the millenia inlet veris points

  • im using stock injectors on my setup with walrbro 225lph fuel pump and turbo smart afpr/wastegate/bov and 5psi spring. got told by seven and hgellos that would be a good starting base. and as james said BUY A WIDEBAND A/F GAUGE THEY ARE PRICELESS AND WILL SAVE U THOUSANDS OF POUNDS both se7en and hegellos said there motor would be dead without them.


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