• We have a Plastics specialist down here that im going to tak to regarding Perspex Windows…..

    Just to introduce why i want to do this, do you know how heavy that rear window is!!!!?
    Disconnect the Gas Lifters and lift the boot hatch open, it weighs loads as its a big slab of toughened glass.

    Im not fussed by the rear wiper and car looks better without them. Id like to get my side windows and rear window shaped in Perspex, the sides will be easy but the rear will need to be spot on. For those with installs you could do all sorts and even have it etched and use LED's to light up your logo on the rear window, just ideas, im more interested in loosing as much weight from the car as possible

    You cant get a front window in perspex as it must be Toughened Glass by law, however sides and rear are ok, anyone interested in a Group Buy possibility if i get some prices?

  • would they not become faded and really crappy and hard to see through after a while?

    if you could work that out i would do it side windows and rear!

    also get me a price before i commit!

  • Interested, but def price dependant.

  • Yea, thats fine guys, im not a trader im just fed up with there not being a good mrket of choice so chasing companys up. The front windows can be done with 6mm perspex which is £37.50 for a square meter piece of piss…....The rear however is the biggie, I spoke to Penryn Plastics and they have given me a number to call, he estimated around £150-200 for the rear window. So with all costs, it depends how much you want it...

    Im doing it anyway so if your interested cool, if not cool, lol

    Also Perspex will fade over time, but it is not like the inside of a headlight you cant get to, you simply use "canopy cleaner" or a plastic (acrylic)cleaner. Piss easy, i know because i am a qualified glider pilot so used to have to clean my canopy before fights...

  • ill take the driver and passanger front window for now! and ill see what i think of them! and after that ill see how i feel and if i think they are worth it ill get everything done!


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