Finding a KLDE Engine for swap

  • Alright guys i currently have a 1.8 V6 with induction kit and a SS exhaust. Im looking for some more power and i have heard that the 1.8 isn't massively tunable.
    I think the easiest solution is to put a KLDE (or KLZE) engine in. I was just wondernig if either of these engines was easier to find and/or fit. I have done a a few engine swaps in the past and am in the process of building a westfield kit car so i "should" be relatively capable.
    Any help or advice on what to go for would be much appreciated.

  • here is one:

    and the other:

    Thats should get you started at least!! is also a good site for ZE engines

  • Cheers.

    Yeah i have already had a look at that post but was unsure if the ZE and DE were the same with regards to the swap.

    I have checked out ebay and there only really seems to be ZE engines on there, i was thinking a DE would be a cheaper alternative for the now.

    Will have a look on the other site though.

    Cheers again

  • no problem. tbh, there is no difference as all 3 are basically the same engine. there are also a few sites in the US that sell both engines, cant remember the address though.

    i think there is a difference of about £200 or so between the engines. someone correct me if im wrong!

    the DE is good for turbo as it has more suitable compression and the ZE is a very good N/A car.

    what swaps have u done before?

  • Thats cool i will have a look about when i have a bit more time.

    Well as far as engine swaps go, i had the engine out of my first car (an old square nissan micra 1 litre) which blew up and replaced it with a 1.2 for some serious power gains. :lol:
    Then that blew up and had to do it again.

    The my brother 1.5 cherry turbo got ran up the back of and written off so the engine from that went into the micra. Which was pretty good actually.

    And now im building a westfield with a 1.8i engine from an mx-5 as the doner car. So if i get the 2.5 for my own car the westfield could turn into a 1.8 V6 or we might just supercharge it as apparently thats pretty easy.

  • well u came to the right place about the klze swap :D on the mx-3 me and a few others have done it and tis good swap.

    and basically if u cant find the information here goto and try searching there but dont post a question b4 searching they very arsey about that in regards to the de/ze swap its bin done so much over there now that unless its turboed they dont even class it as a modification :D

  • That sounds good, as i say it will be wee while away until i can raise the cash but i definately gonna do it.

    As soon as i find an engine im sure i will be back to get some advice and all that.


  • ive done a few de swaps and found them to be well impressive
    gone down the route as as light as possible etc
    just ordered a superchrger from the states, not going turbo route and the high comp ratio of the ze scared me as ive always wanted to force induction, ill let ya no

  • you kept that quiet!!

    what site did you order it from? i'd love to supercharge it!

  • Oooohhh a charger… wanna see pics now... very interested...


  • youll get pics soon
    when it arrives
    gonna test it etc etc etc etc etc etc set i t up and everything
    should be here in a couple of weeks so when its all fitted up you guys will be the first to know
    wanted to go a bit of a different route to usual
    spent 4 hours scraping the sound deadening out y day, all the inerior is back out and the cage is cack in, just having a rear strut bar made, unless anyone can find one for me in the uk
    but the soundsystem combinedd weighed 120kg on its own:O yess i got my scales out
    anyway this is hi jacking someone elses thread at the moment so ill transfer anyother posts to my projects section ok
    o by the way if all goes swimmingly, weve also got a bowler were guna test it on, and as we own a garage, possibly might become the first uk distributors for them, IF it does what they say it will
    might see a fair few more chraged mx3's if thats the case i rekon

  • Just by removing my rear seats and seat belts saved me 23kg, i am gonna strip it out fully soon in time for the next track day. Will write a note down of what things weigh.

  • went to take the subnroof mech out too, and then it started raining, trust me, you need it the sunroof leaks like a sive haha
    which track day you going to
    im pretty sure trax will be its proper debut with the chrager all fitted and run in
    part of a local sprint series, which is were we will be testing it after a few RR scessions, but trax, hopefully, it sghould be all well and good

  • Going to RAF Marahm the same as the one in went to in April…


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