• just got my renewal through and with another years no claims now 3, and the premium went down by a massive 34p, thats right £0.34. added to that the excess has gone up by £15. How can that be?

    last time it didnt change as i had swapped my car from a group 4 fiesta to the group 13 mx3. it is still the best quote i've had tho, the next best was £699 but i'd loose my drive any car bit. that was thorough adrian flux.

  • awh man tell me about it. I got a quote for KLZE last october, now it's time to actually insure it, it's gone up £150 with same company! wtf?! Insurance is such a scam

  • I use tesco insurance have 6 years no claims, fully comp, legal cover and protected no claims.

    It is £224 a year….Sucks dont it :cry:

  • you are still fine

    I paid whooping 1630 euro for 1.8v6 with 1000 euro excess. It was the cheapest, next one was for 2300 with 650 excess. Checked every website, called ever broker. I am well over 25 and had full driving licence for the last 10 years …unfortunately mazda was my 1st official car for the insurer (after parents cars and company cars). If you think UK is a rip off, think about Ireland.... :evil:

  • My cousin lives in Ireland, she doesn't have insurance she just knows all the guards… suppose it helps being a stripper lol...

  • forgot to mention mines tpft.

    im 20 and just got a bike a 125cc, no lisence yet its gonna cost £370 tpft, and it was the same pice as my car, where's the sense?

  • hey mechanic, where does cousin work? :wink:

  • yeah, if she's in Dublin, we can take her for a ride on Saturday :D

  • £180 fully comp with swift cover…

  • im with swift cover, they were the cheapest for my MX3 V6, and im only paying around 500 for my mazda familia 4x4 with them

  • unicorn! any updates on the beast?

    oh and my insurance is €2400 for the 1.8.

    20, full licence, no NCB but been driving on and off for last year and a half!

  • @184944aad1=Stephen-mx3:

    hey mechanic, where does cousin work? :wink:

    She lives just outside Cork… I think the club is called oh hang i have a link...


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