Fuel light

  • Hello,

    I have just recently become an owner of 1.8v6 from 1996 and do not know what is the story with a fuel light when the tank is empty? My gauge is around E and still no light. Is it true that in British Mazda's this light was not fitted?

  • mine has fule light maby its just your bulb gone ?

  • Never seen mine on, run that pretty low a few times..

  • if you have one you'll be able to see it with out it being on if you know what i mean, there should be a small circle next to the gauge. if like me you dont have one you wont have that circle.

  • Correct, it is missing. I do not have that circle. Strange engineering.

    I had a gauge on an empty tank and only managed to put 37 litres. Last time I put 43 litres when gauge was on E. I have also noticed that my gauge is not too stable, tend to change a bit depending whether I drive up the road or down the road…do you have similar experience?

  • yep, its very sensitive. when i take a left hand turn it shoots up! then right turns drop it down.

    its a fun game!

  • good news!! it is great that there is nothing wrong with my car!!

    gonna get an old fashioned petrol container and keep it at the back of my car :lol:

  • On my last track day i kept pulling into the pits as i thought my fuel kept running low, just a crap sender unit… gonna get the tank foam filled for next time..

  • yes its a fun game playing with ur petrol gauge :D i do it religously drive it hard for 10 minutes and ur like WTF used a qaurter of a tank then u slow down for a few minutes and it goes back up :D

  • it feels like ur getting it for free!!!

    im the same, drive it hard then start moanin because all the petrol is gone!!

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