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  • Just ordered some thermo spacers for my inlet manifold, only cost £56 delivered. Anyone else have any knowledge on these?


  • excellent item! works just like it says - I have not heard anything bad about those!

    I have yet to install it on my klze since I want to keep the strut bar…

  • i wanted to get these as well. so does that mean that it raises the manifold up too high to work with the strut?

  • I am not sure how thick they are, but i guess you could always space your strut bar up higher if it does not fit will post when i have recived and installed them.

  • they raise about 10mm. I haven't got my strut bar on atm, seems to have issues with the curved intake, especially with mine raised by the spacers.

  • Didi they make much difference? Or did you install them before you fitted the engine? :P

  • Word of warning if you order from them,you will also be charged an additional £20 customs tax.. Caught me out :x

  • what?!

    £20? thats ridiculous. how much did the spacers cost, not the shipping now, just the spacers?

  • unlucky! IIRC I got away with them :D

  • Cost $108 dollars for the spacers and $20 delivery. Spoke to customs and said i have to pay VAT on anything being purchased from outside the EU over the value of £8, great isnt it get Taxed on something thats got nothing to do with em…..Money for nothing they must make a shit load this way... :x

  • but then it should be £11, not £20.

    Your VAT is 20% isn't it? shipping is never included in cost of VAT. some companies are nice and will lable the item as a gift, shame they didnt.

  • VAT is 17.5%
    Then they add handling charges
    In some cases I think they do tax shipping
    Then they tax the handling charges that they incurred upon you! So they charge you for them going out of their way to charge you VAT!

    It's a joke, and not a very good one.

  • no way!

    our government isn't even that bad! that is mental.

    ah well mech, it'll be worth it in the end. when you fit them can you let me know how they worked out, im really considering these

  • there was an £8 admin fee included in this on top of the £11 to make up to almost £20.. hopefully get em today..

  • well I went for a test run on Saturday, when I came back I touched the IM and it was cold, the cam covers were roasting as usual :) Only thing is, our engine bays run pretty hot, so the ambient air will heat the IM, but not as much as being attached to the heads I'm sure.

  • it was actually cold?! didnt think it'd work that well.

    stupid engine bays. im gonna mod a bonnet, something like Tommy D's to sort that heat out :wink:

  • I am gonna make another heat deflector to go around my induction kit, i have heard that heat soke into your cone filter can reduce your bhp by as much as 15.

  • ye, its something crazy like that. i read for every 20 degrees above room temp, its 5% of your power out the window.

    when you putting in the spacers

  • As soon as they turn up should be here by now, god damn crap postal service.

  • Fitted them yesterday lunch time, the kit was very good. Does just what it says inlet was a hell of alot cooler… Not sure bout the power increase hard to say.. without a dyno.

    Going to get the grinder out to free some more hot air from under my bonnet that should be fun...

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