Goodridge SS Brake lines

  • Any of you guys installed these? I got a set but 2 of the lines don't have the fitting in the middle to secure it to the clip on the shocks… Both my front and rear have these middle fittings. Wrong set or what do you reckon?

  • Thats the same ones i got, i used the 2 with centre clips on the front as there the ones that do all the moving and the other 2 on the rear.

    Wear the clips should be, i used a piece of fuel hose cut a 3 inch length wrapped it over the brake hose and zip tied it into place.

  • Thanks, I ended up slicing the oem collar on one side, prying it open then lightly crushed around the SS line. Worked a treat! On the down side, two brake flare nuts and one nipple rounded off completely :( AND the F****** wind blew one of my garage doors open, which has shelves on it, launching an aerosol onto my bonnet, which then perfectly slammed into my flawless bonnet putting 2 dents in it :x :x :x so pissed…

  • which way do the hoses fit on, is he banjo fitting on the caliper or on the line side? I got a set but thought there should have been some male male connectors to connect the hose to the caliper?

    doesnt matter, just went to check i was wrong, banjo on the caliper

  • ive got these lines havent put them on yet, is there a big difference in breaking?

  • i hear they cut out the pedal pumping when the ABS comes in. I only got them cos i got new calipers and thought i might aswell, they look cool too!

  • Makes your pedal have less travel, makes your brakes feel more responsive and yeah i have lost the pumping feeling when my ABS cuts in.


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