Kami's new project k8ze-t import :D

  • ye i brought another a mx-3 :D the 1.8 v6 import :D its an automatic at the moment but thats going to be changed rapidly then i going to buy the ebay turbo kit and bench test on the k8ze motor see if its anygood b4 i put it on to the klze :D will post pics of the car when i goto pick it up on sunday watch this space…. AGAIN !!!!

    god i love doing modifications to a mx-3's :P

  • Sounds like fun keep us posted..

  • got the auto out today pics will be with u shortly and ordered everything i needed for the manual swap g/box flywheel driveshafts etc 250pound :D so basically once its all in and running its cost me a grand total of 400 pound for a eunos with tax and mot and second hand rebuilt engine which has only done 1k miles on it. needless to say im well chuffed :D

  • wow what a great find! :shock:

  • hurry up with the turbo kit!! im dying to find out!!

    only messing, how is the project going? any updates?

  • its going slow cus i can only work on the import on wednesdays and sundays. also my ps pump decided to die on me last sunday alone with power steering pulley and belts so i had to sort them out this week. although i did manage to get manual driveshafts and intermediate shafts from the breakers aswell. im hopefully going to pick up the pedals and actual shifter on sunday so i can install them into the car. i cant do anything with shafts yet untill i get the gearbox clutch and flywheel. im sorry i havent given u anypics but as u can see ive bin super busy but i will deffinatly try to take some pics on sunday and hopefully if weather nice and all goes well pics of the shifter and the manual pedals connected in the car :)

    as for the turbo kit im buying a complete kit from a member of mx-3.com (fromtornashes) he is selling everything in for sale section:turbo/turbo manifolds +DP/ waste gate/ fmu/BOV so all i need to do is get a hole punched in my sump and adjustable fuel pressure regulator plus something else i think its like an oil restrictor to stop the turbo seals from going. i will have to check with se7en tonight . but other than that she will be ready to turbo. OH yeah also need to buy an wideband sensor with gauge and get plug fitted to the exhaust.

  • nice!!

    how much u gettin the kit for?

    sounds great, cant wait to see it all come together


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