MX-6 club has invited us to join their stand at TRAX show

  • I have received this email from the MX-6 club, inviting us to join their stand at TRAX car show. Contact them if you are interested.


    Hi Daryl

    The MX6 Owners Club ( are organising a stand for Trax, in the past we've had MX3 owners attend and would like to extend the invitation once more. All owners are welcome to join us, they can email me at for further details if they want.

    Trax Sunday 7th Sept 2008

    Tickets (booked through club) £15, tickets on the day are £20. Under 14's go free.

    Track sessions - £30
    0-60 runs - £7

    I need to collect the money by the end of July, first week of August at the latest... After that, I might be able to get a car pass, but they will ahve to buy a ticket on the gate.

    Heckler (Gavin)
    MX6OC Founder/Owner

  • where is this trax ?


    I assume it's this one - silverstone!

  • Ill be there in my mx-3 but will be at the back of the fiat stand.. (Long story!)
    Went last year, and tracked it last year, its great, only trouble with the track is if someone goes off they stop the session and no refunds!

  • I can just imagine it…

    "wow that's the best looking Fiat I've ever seen!"


  • whos in then?

    im considering it, i thought it was a bit too far, but we got back from the f1 in 3 hours ish so its not too bad really.

  • lets do it :D
    met a few of them at jap fest and spent half his day in my engine bay sorting out things
    and bought and engine off another
    he brought it all the way up from newquay to my door
    to give you an indication of how nice these blokes are
    think we should start a list :D

  • anyone going??

  • i mite go wen is it and whos comin ?

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