Fan said NO!

  • Hi Guys,

    Bit opf a day of despair… driving through central london earlier today, only to look down and see the temp gauge almost on the red!!!! Was bricking it, but temp cooled when I was moving, then hit stand still and was creeping up again, so pulled over, called AA and prepared for some bad news.

    Turns out, the fan motor is pretty fucked, in that even bypassing the relay, the fan wouldn't work, until hitting the connection block with the arse end of a screwdriver... then it spun into life.. only mproblem is... it won't turn off.... will either not come on without a hit, or just stays on.

    Mr AA reckons I need a new fan and motor etc, and possibly a problem with the switch somwehere...

    Any ideas? Anyone else had this problem? Know where I can get decent replacement without needing a second mortgage and ideas on getting fitted??

    All help and advise greatly received!

  • you can make me an offer on my fan if you want one

  • Does it work? :)

    If it will be a reliable one that works, then how much you want for it?

    Are they supposed to come on as soon as you turn the engine on??

  • lol no there not supost to come on when you start engine
    im not shore if that one works being on my other mx3 that i got for spares
    coz it dosent atuly run but i can conect it across the batory to check it works you want a coolent tep sencer to go with it ?

  • Hey mate, hep i had same promlem. once a motor runs, it runs. dont need a motor. Try yout temp probes that are located near the rad cap on the Left Hand side of the engine. Their should be a black two pin and a green two pin. Just take these out and examine them. Take care doing it though. they can be brittle.

    And always watch your coolant level. I took out my whole rad, motor, fan coolant pipes and cleaned them out. Installed them again and used Hotlz 2 stage rad flush. Could be a build up in crap, reducing the flow of the coolant around your system.

    And ya Johno just use a 9V battery and check if the motor is running. I swapping my engine and ill be putting a second fan onto my ran. Prob not needed but would hurt.

  • It's not the coolant or rad… even bypassing the relay etc, fan wasn't coming on... at a standstill.... if knocking the rear pillar with a metal bar gets it goin again, then defo the fan/connection... connections were tested and all seem fine.

    Is definately the fan or components, coolant, rad etc all fine along with thermostat.

    How much should I pay for job like this?

  • honestly not much!! New parts would cost about 600-800 EURO, i know i priced them. Get used parts. ukadmin knows 3 mx-3s that are being broken down and sold. Also ROC in probestore is breaking mx-3's man. Ask aroung and it will only cost you 60 EURO max, plus ur own labour

  • @fc817a5d24=MDM_MX3:

    Also ROC in probestore is breaking mx-3's.r

    I don't break cars, only new parts. I want the cars to stay on the road, not break them up :wink: :wink: :D


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