LSD K series Box

  • In the US they have the knowledge that a K series box came in a mazda that comes factory with LSD, im after a low miliage one as my box is becoming notchy plus with Turbo power i will need it

    Anyone know the part numbers so i can call Nippon?

  • they use the 323 V6 lantis edition lsd gearbox which is a import mazda 323, it requires custom built/modified driveshafts using lantis and mx-3 shafts ( only needed on one side apparantely )
    these are as rare as rocking horse plop as alot of the guys have tried and tried.

    im thinking of a low mileage mx6 box and lsd put into the box, its on my to do list for end of this year. :(

  • These are indeed rare, but I've got one in stock. If your interested, let me know.



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