Help please! Mx-3 v6 Juddering/kangarooing when pulling away

  • Hello all, I'm new to this forum and it's great! I've already spent ages looking at some of the awesome Mx-3s on here. I've had mine for about 5 years, it's a J plate so it's knocking on a bit and has 135k on the clock. It's been a great car and has never let me down.

    The reason I'm asking for your help is that over the past couple of weeks my Mx-3 has started jerking and kangarooing when I'm pulling away. It's very bad in 1st gear, quite bad in 2nd but doesn't happen from 3rd onwards. It's worse when going uphill so I think the problem is linked to the amount of work the engine is doing.

    My mate is much better than me with engines and he cleaned up the distributor cap but that didn't make any difference. We've ran out of ideas as to what might be causing the problem and so I thought I'd ask if anyone on here has come across his problem before and might point me in the right direction.

    Hope you can help with any tips at all (even if it's something really obvious) and sorry for the long post!!



  • Hey mate nd welcome.

    My MX3 is a 1993 GS. Same problem as yours man. Very sluggish to start off, feels like im towing something and then gain power in the higher revs, but have to make sure i am in high revs before i up gear otherwise it loses alot of power again. Also hills are a problem!!!! Low gears high revs (2nd 4500rev) to make it!!!

    I honestly think it might be that the cyclynders are loosing pressure which is caused by a gasket leak!!!!!! Maybe but i cant think of anything else that would cause that. and your car have alot of milage on it. Has it been changed before???

  • Blocked fuel filter, Knackard fuel pump or perhaps blocked cat, if you have one on that year. I would also check plugs etc are clean.

    Good luck!!

  • i had this on mine.

    easy fix.

    turn on your engine (and i dont mean sweet talking it). pop your bonet. see where your airfilter is. look along and you'll see a big pipe coming out of it. its got rips in it the way you can tell is the kangarooing its doing. if you move it up and down with your hand with the engine on the engine note changes and coughs.

    to fix.
    buy a new one or do as i did take the pipe off and see how bad it is. on the underside will be worst. get some duct tape and rap it around it make a good seal. cover it with black inso tape to blend. stick it back on jobs a good un

    mine is still good after 7 months

  • Update:

    tinyrhino you were right there was split in the pipe coming from the air filter - a bit of duct tape has worked like a charm.

    Thanks for your help.

  • no worries mate glad to help :D


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