CO2 Emissions

  • Ok, i need help (obviously says most…..)

    the new Registration Tax system in Ireland goes on carbon emissions, and as i just got a car from england which puts me in the firing line.

    so does anyone have concrete evidence of the carbon emissions of the 1.8?

  • 0.5 on idle and 0.3 on high revs
    mine faled mot as it was 0.4 on high revs

  • now this is carbon dioxide, not carbon monoxide.

    its g/km. i think it could be 220g/km

  • I think the new laws in Ireland are going to be a hugh problem for every old car rebuilders. Best thing to do If you had lots and lots of money…..
    Piggy back ecu with a in dash control touch screen so you can switch your maps from power to economical..... yes yes i have lots of time on my hands lol.

    But seriously to help things get a good garage to map your ecu, replace O2 sensor, upgrade the CAT, new sparks, cleaned injectors and try and find the right octane fuel required for the K8, not too sure wat it is.

    But i still want the piggy back with the monitor, GADGET FREAK lol!

  • problem is they aren't going off the co2 emissions we put out now, its what the manufacturer claims it is (which is probably better to be honest!)

    have you had any luck finding a piggyback like that? bit if a gadget nut myself

  • ah thats fair enough. Looking around at other lads and girls projects it looks like MAP ECU seems fairly good. But i mean there is no problem getting a signal to relay to a screen, its the function to interact is the problem.

    To be honest id say id dro about 2-3 grand into a system like that some day…...................some day lol (Lotto winning day maybe)


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