Ahhh Lost my keys

  • Hi guys I'm new here.

    My misses has a MX-3 V6 Speacial Edition and I have gone and lost the keys to it, not in a hurry to get in it as she never uses it. what's the best way to get in and change the locks or is it easier to get a locksmith to cut a new key?

  • As for getting in slim jim between the door rubber and glass, this does take pratice. What year is it, as i think later keys are chipped that could be fun sorting out.

    If not then probably best go to a scrappy and get a full lock set of another.

    Good luck with that one, :lol:

  • It's an L reg so it's an early one so hopefully not chipped

    Does the door rubber come off for easier access? I've been locked out of my car when the alarm went wrong and all i did was get a bit of brake pipe removed the door rubber and i easly got in but it is a vauxhall, I guess the MX-3 is not so easy.

    looks like I need to find a scrappy with a mx-3

  • Vauxhalls are one of the easiest to get into aong with early VW's the door rubber can be removed but never seem to go back on as well.

    Your key wont be chipped if it's that early, so thats one good thing. Replacing your locks is a fairly easy job.

    Good luck…


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