Think my crank main seals are gone :(

  • ok so here is my woe we noticed that my car is loosing oil but it isnt burning it. it seems to be leaking on the rear bank?? head gasket/r/c gasket but the worring 1 seem to be its leaking around the bottom of engine between the sump and where is connected to the block ? :( how hard are these motors to strip and rebuild??? can i not just take the sump off and do crank seals that way or is it a complete engine out strip everything out start from scratch job ??

  • If you have oil on top of your plugs its the RC gasket
    If it's on the inside of the plugs could be HG or valve stem seals
    The sump may be leaking, where it joins the block, that engine was probably sent round the world resting all its weight on the sump, which could crack the sealant. So might be easy- drain oil, clean up, gasket maker, then torque to spec.

    The main seal on the crank pulley side is easy, but you have to take the timing belt off, after your UDP, then the crank sprocket. The one behind the flywheel obviously requires the gbx/clutch/fly off. It's not hard, just tricky when the lump's in that tight bay.

    I didn't find it too hard to tear down mine. Though I left the bottom end as is, just stripped the heads. Thankfully I did do both mainseals whilst everything was off!

    Hope it turns out to be an easy problem for you, would hate to be pulling my lump out so soon!

  • ye its a pain also think my ecu is running in gimp modei got the 68mm tb so i had to remove the iac valve but apparently that shouldnt put the ecu in limp mode. but i checked my codes couple of weeks back and found to also be showing a knock sensor fault. will this fault cause the ecu to go into limp mode/ or doesnt it matter i.e same as iac fault

  • i tried to pull my codes a few weeks ago also guess what i had knock sensor fault. thought wtf!!! took to mate at mazda pulled codes for free and guess what nothing at all.


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