Fiberglass door cards!

  • guyss im gonna make my own fiberglass door cards! im only removing the rabric and doing over that! and depending on how well they turn out i might start making them on demand! anyone intrested?

  • Hiya, Entirely depends on how good they look but you never know!

  • The stock door cards are lovely tho! Dead light too, surely you'd only be saving a lb or two in weight?

  • yea! but to be honest! over the summer im spending 1200 on carbon fiber bucket seats so well u can understand how far im planning on going!

  • you dont need any door cards if your going for lighter really, if you must have door cards I would buy some sheet carbon fibre, line the back of it with sound deadening to help a little with road noise and stick them on.

    You cant have the best of both worlds, and fibreglass weighs much more than normal door cards, I made some… and they crack! Either get rid or keep the normal ones.


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