1st MX-3 viewing

  • You guys might have seen it on ebay…but I went to view a Black MX-3 yesterday (auction now ended).
    When I got there in the rain first impressions were very good....despite droplets of water potentially hiding any body defects.....but I found it all in fine form...apart from a rubber seal between the rear glass and the spoiler.

    Sadly the old boy had brought it down from his farm to his house in the village....but quite how he did this was funny.......as the steering column adjustment lever had snapped off......lol

    The interior wreaked of fags big time.....horrid.
    The lack of steering column adjustment made it totally undriveable.
    Im sure its a 'Steering wheel off' job to replace the broken lever.

    Anyhoo....after looking at a damaged drivers side door lock which I could move wwith my finger I was starting to get a bit miffed.
    This guy had his ebay reserve at £1250. :shock:

    Spotting the leaking gaskets (both banks rocker covers) topped it off for me. Ok its straight forward enough to replace them but it still involves removing the inlet manifold Im sure??????...which is yet another gasket?????

    Because he'd driven it down from his farm the engine was warm....he said it was only 3 miles away....bu the engine was red hot.....like he'd been driving it for a while.... so no cold start check possible.

    I didn't even start the engine......no point.....I'd seen enough. :roll:
    I told him too! :lol:
    Good luck to the person buying it...they'll be most disappointed Im sure.

  • if you dont mind me asking, where was it based?

  • No probs to me…it was Stretton-on-Dunsmore. A village between Rugby and Coventry.

  • good call, I'm sure you could get a much better mx for the money!

  • I have decided against an MX-3 now mate.
    Going back to an MR2 instead….yep they are common...but I love them. :lol:

    Cheers for all your help on here guys.

  • bad call, Just kiddn' they're nice boats :)

  • reminds me of when i went to view 1st mx 3, advert said supurb condition, when i got there the chap must have used a barrel full of filler on sills and well all over the car!!!

    worst part was engine only had 46k on it!!!!!!


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