MX3 Angle Projection Lights

  • Hey lads, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about doing head light conversions. I was thinking either the 07 VW Golf,maybe a bit to big, or the 99-01 citren saxo….....

    Anyone have a good eye for these things lol.
    Anyway whatever one suits better body mods will be done.

  • i had thought about corsa b or c but they might be too upright if you know what i mean.

    EK civics are a good choice talk to mooneggs about fitting, they will fit without metal work i think.

  • be brave do pop up lights mx 5 style!!!

  • Funny thing is i thought of it lol. But ill be getting Carbon fibre bonnett. But have seriy thought about the new audi lights with the LED eyebrow. How nureal would that be.

  • in the mx i just sold, i did a cheapy version of the audi lights.

    I took the headlights apart and glued in LED strips. Looked pretty cool, they needed to be brighter though.

  • Ya would be mint to have the LED eyebrow, But think ill go for the new 07 Golf and see how i go. This way i can get rid of my side indicator as its built into the headlight. I saw a new Audi with no side indicator so i think its legal.

  • if you look at the Mk2 MGF they look very similar, but you would still need to chop and extend bonnet slightly but think these are the nearest match to ours. Also no ones done the conversion yet so be the first and set the trend!!

    So far the usual suspects from the U.S and europe have been Mk4 Golf, Honda Civic 99-01, Honda S2000 and Mazda Rx7. Do some research on and you be able to find these using the search option.

  • I like how all these new audi lights look with LED strips and such… it would be cool if you could incorporate that into the oem mx-3 lights...

    I had civic projectors for a while and they were pretty cool but I finally got some glass headlamps that i painted black and I'll probably keep them forever :roll:


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