Fse boost valve

  • what are the plus and negatives with these, is it worth havin?

  • no!

  • Probably the best, most accurate reply to a question i've seen in a long time!

    We've heard nothing but bad things about these things ash, im not sure if anyone here has tried one, but a few have on the dark side (mx-3.com)

  • im ok going to go for the most accurate ancer
    you dont need one if your standerd depending on what mods you do or plan to do you might want one
    the standerd one dosent turn pressure down much from the pump so you might gane a litle power if you have a biger air filter but it wont realy be all that notisable might even luse power if its not set up right but will use more fule so its up to you realy

    i am going to have to have one as im upgrading the pump and injecters for my turbo set up


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