• i was embarassed at santa pod this weekend as a mx3 1.8 v6 ran a embarassing 18.5 (not me i didnt take mine but wish i did now) and my mates 1.4 corsa which is standard ran a 17.2, 17.4 and 17.9!

    is it me or is that one crap driver in the mx3 or is his car fooked? thought the 1.8s were meant to run 16s? or am i imagining things? :roll:

  • now that is bad, i bet you could do better if you left it in the car park lol! :lol:

  • With a result like that i bet his reaction time of the lights was s**t.

    Even a K8 should run 16s…

  • i know but its quite funny now cus a few of my matesd think mine would run the same lol so next pod opertunity am jus gna show em!

  • simon, his car has something wrong.
    The problem could be the driver :roll: , i ran a 15.5 with ebay mods … :wink:

  • Now that is brilliant!

    Any chance you could put up a list of what your running from ebay and how much they cost?

  • sure Stephen

    Mods list -
    Prototype Intake grabbing some warm air
    MazdaSpeed groundwire from ebay
    Cat Off exhaust pipe
    MazdaSpeed custom back exhaust
    Marshal MATRAC 205/55/15 tyres
    TSW BlackIce 15" rims
    Galp Hi95 gas
    Full interior
    Pedro Dias as the driver :lol: :lol: :lol:

    In a couple of weeks, ill put some more stuff on the car .
    A real custom C.A.I. with my prototype intake
    going to get my TB polished up
    trying to get my resistor to the IATS mod
    Denso Iridium IK20 sparkplugs
    K1 Racing 10mm sparkplug wires
    Bilstein shocks to put the power on the ground
    take away the backseat, spare tire, lifting jack, Hi95 gas and Pedro Dias with less weight.
    Maybe i can get my car in the 14"s :D :D :D

  • from the factory brand new the k8 will run a 16.5 or so…

  • Mooneggs, if i can get my car into the 14's … ohhhh man, at i will be such a pain in the bu**
    My car just has to get there, it just has to reach that time :D :D


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