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    I have decided to sort out my boot install, as I have no space at ALL!

    I have removed my 12" Fusion Sub from its factory box and mounted it on a bit of wood on the side of the boot (I will get pics as this is hard to explain!)

    This is all good except for one thing - it is no longer as load and bassy as it was!! I have a feeling that I have to work out all the volumes :( plus the wood i have mounted it on is not yet screwed down.

    Can anyone confirm that im right?



  • not sure what you mean by confirm whats right. but could mount two subs in both corners or the boot where the wheel arch finsihes and meats with the arse end of the car this should give extra bass

  • the sub will have a box volume that works best, there will be two different volumes one ported and one sealed. You'll need to 'enclose' it to get the best sound and then decide wether you want it ported or sealed.

    hope this helps.

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    I just downloaded the Fusion manual for it!! It is designed to be ported, so leaks shudnt be a problem, however I had a quick feel around while is was running and the entire bit of wood is vibrating therefore lossing bass! So I will bolt it all up and see how it is after! :)


  • Yeah the reason it's quieter and worse is because those Fusion boxes (and any sub box for that matter) are designed especially to amplify and improve the sound from the sub.

    Ideally you wanna build a sealed enclosure that fits where you want it, then if necessary for looks you can fashion a plate out of thinner wood or fibreglass to go over the enclosure to fill all the 'visual gaps' and make it look purdy. That'll give you the best sound and looks from my experience.

    If you do go for a sealed box make sure it's built really well and held in place very solidly, cause anything that can vibrate will!

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    Thanks for the advice :)

    This is gonna require alot more thinking and planning :(

    looks like its time to remove some of that really nice plastic in the boot :twisted:


  • if ya get any problems mate give us a shout as i;ve done plenty of boot builds.

    plus it helps being a carpenter :P

  • have you got any pics of your build yet, i want to build an enclosure for my sub that saves boot space, i was thinking of trying to get it to sit flush with the narrower section of the boot.

    just wanted to see what you've done

  • lads on custom install do you know where i can get a perspex sheet. about the half inch think. and the size of the parcel shelf in the mx. (no steeling my ideas lol)

  • yea find out how much volume of air u need for the subs
    then usinh ut area andd volume maths build ur setup around that and partition the subs


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