MX-3's = random prices

  • I can appreciate theat owners who are selling their cars onyl want to get the money they are after but it seems this model suffers from Random pricing.
    96/97 plates for under a grand….yet some 93/94 plates are going for £1k+.
    :? strange.

    I know a car is only worth what you want to pay for it...but it seems like there are some true bargains out there and indeed some rip off priced ones too. Its that old game of who you believe is correct.

    Of course...if the mechanics are all in tact and everything is in its place that should be then your possibly onto a good deal.

    I won't ask how much you paid for your cars...but can I ask if you bought a bargain or if you paid over the odds?????
    Your help is appreciated. :wink:

  • i've no problem tellin you how much!

    At the time, it was the 1.6 MX3, 1997, 63000 miles and a good few dents and it cost me €3800, i go ripped off.

    If i knew what i know now i wouldn't have paid half that. Your dead right for joining the forum before you get one. You can use these three months to build up a huge knowledge base of the mx3. You can trawl the topics and learn what can and does go wrong with them

  • Cheers for your input.
    Have you had any mechanical problems other than the usual wear & tear then?
    I'm opting for the V6 as you may know.

  • oh yes.

    back box went. Clutch was on its way (not the cars fault i know), the headlights are tatty, fogs broken, Fueling problem and idling problems.

    All fixable but some of the guys here have got some absolute crackers, so dont be put off by my bad experience. Im getting another one!

    I think the common problems on the V6 are the Distributor and some of the sensors. There is a topic on fixing the distributor and has a full complimen of all the sensors for a lot cheaper then mazda

  • Cheers
    I found this link on the Probe UKOC as it was another car I was contemplating buying.

    I'll make sure I have cash spare just incase a new dizzy cap and sensors are required.
    Plus…I'll check the diags box/ignition light for any error codes. :)

  • i got mine for lets say the price i wanted to pay, now mines up for sale at 800 quid full mot , its got a dent in door and key scratch but other than that its a great car!!!
    95k on it
    cambelt done
    new front tyres
    great condition inside

  • got mine over 2 years ago now. its 93 and had 110000 ish on clock when got it. previous owner was hard as hell on car.

    since then i done normal repairs for safety such as

    stablizer links cv joints (dont get of ebay)
    back box and middle year after
    and bottom ball joint,

    only big this i had done was a new clutch (that i finished off after 2 months getting car) and head gasket…

    parts are very cheep i find around here back box and middle on mine was 80. mates 1.4 2002 civic. cost hime 130. so all in all a good investment.

    PS bloke who now does my car used to be top dog in local mazda. and says these are made to last. and are well advanced for their time


  • the reason why the pre 95 modeols are more expensive is because they are more sought after for people for modding. i.e kl swaps bp swaps etc the fact is because after 95 obd II was introduced into the ecu programming thus making the engine transplants a pain in the ARSE!!! beleive me i had the 1.6 b6 motor mx-3 1995 :( and the only engine i could put into it was the bp protege from the us car year 95-98 which cost like 900dollars for the engine then and other 300-400 uk pound to ship to the uk. just to work with mx-3 wiring harness. my klze engine cost me 600 pound altogether just cus i bought the 1992 v6 mx-3 its all about wot ecu system the car has and if the owner knows about it or not.

  • @fc0d989e81=aiden:

    i got mine for lets say the price i wanted to pay, now mines up for sale at 800 quid full mot , its got a dent in door and key scratch but other than that its a great car!!!
    95k on it
    cambelt done
    new front tyres
    great condition inside

    If you want you could PM me your details and any pics….or I can PM you my email address etc.
    Sounds like it has all the right faculties.
    Is yours red?
    Is it modified?
    What year?

    I don't want to modify the engine...infact...this will be a future classic to me so I'll keep it as standard as possible. Maybe a K&N panel filter and if need be a sensible stainless exhaust but thats about all. :)

  • I got my Eunos JDM Import for a bargain £550, with 72k on the clock, although the clock is in km, don't think the guy who sold me it knew what he had, no mechanical faults only had usual wear and tear brakes, discs etc, flew through last MOT only needed a side light, still going strong with 164km now on the clock :D :D :D

    Had fun driving my MX-3 but gona go for a FTO at the end of the year, hope it's as much fun as my Mx has given me 8) 8)

  • Well my black car is late 95… it's OBDI now with klze. About the OBDII thing, there's a couple of guys have sucessfully swapped ZEs into OBDII cars, the tough bit will be tuning - probably need Megasquirt or some piggyback to stop it running rich.

    FTOs are definately nice boats, but for me mx3 klze anyday. Apart from being faster, cheaper and more reliable, the mx3 boot takes a whole guitar halfstack :)

    But enjoy the FTO :lol:

  • mine is for sale at the mo and i did want £1400 for it coz of all the work thats been done to it, but if any ones intrested in it ill sell it for £1000 coz i need the money oh and its the white special edition one in the uk section also ive tryed to b honest about wots wrong with it so atleast you know and dont think its to good to be true :D well somting like that

    any way ill go update the price on the ad for everyone

  • I just got a 1992 JDM with the V6, around 90,000 miles which aint too bad. Paid £580 for it a week ago and think i got a baragin. Bad points, sunroof is a bit persistant and needs a new rear offside caliper to get through the mot but other than that sweet as a nut. definatly a great car to drive. I enjoy it more than any car Ive driven, and thats a few. plus its faster than the new 1.8 TDCi zetec focus as I had one for a hire car. :wink:

  • All different years and prices.
    I have been scouring the 'Projects' forum and saw how little some people paid for such nice cars too. :shock:


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