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  • ok guys i duno if im just being thick but i cant seem to get the centre console off to change my dials to glow dials. I have a 1992 japanese model mx3 and I have it all off around the dials but it wont detach down near the ashtray and I dont wana force it as I have managed to get this far only snapping one little plastic clip.lol
    any help would be appreciated, and pictures as I am illiterate.

  • @ec1d1e0efe:

    OK it is really easy to get to the gauges.

    step1: open door… on the side of your counsel there is a plate that pops off and there are a few screws to unscrew.

    step2: The plate under the steering wheel there are 3 screw in each corner unscrew them and that should come off to.

    step3: now you can start to unscrew the few screws holding on the main dash. Just look there are a few above the gauges, few when you remove the bottom plate.

    step4: ones you get that off you can now unscrew the gauge cluster now. (be-careful because its plugged it make sure you unplug it before you rip it out.)

    Step5: the little button to reset your miles that black thing pulls off. Then unscrew the clock screw. Then start to push the tabs down to take the clean plastic thing off.

    Step6: now start to take the little black screws out. And yes the gauges go over the stock gauges. Take it easy putting the fuel/temp one on, because you can break the needles. Just take it easy and it should go on. After that just screw it all back on and to wire it up you can just use the stock dimmer switch and just wire it in the back. Remember red/black is ground and red is power (just making sure you know so you don't fry it) I am not sure but when i did it and i plugged the dimmer switch back in the new gauges dimmed a bit, so i just left mine unplugged.

    from mx-3.com/legato626

    I did this on Sunday to put my rings on. I didn't touch the centre console!

    I just took off the above, very minimal effort!

  • ok i still think im being thick as i cant get the web address to work. could you post the full address?

  • also is yours the one with the one piece dash?

  • sorry dude, that wasn't a link that was a reference!

    There you go, there's some other guides in the appearance FAQs about the guages. Mine is the non-bubble dash (rectangular vents on mine), good luck :D

  • thanks mate done it now :)


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