Difficult to shift from cold?

  • Having a few problems with my car not wanting to go into gear when cold…and overall the gearchanges seem to be a bit gritty. Just now it didn't want to go into reverse (lots of crunching) clutch in from cold. 1st has been a bit unco-operative for a while now, but 5th is fine.

    So, ideas? Gear Oil? Worn Linkage?

    If the gear oil is low, will the gearbox go bang?

  • gearbox oil could be low, especially because it happens in the cold. a friend of mine had the same problem in his scooby.

    Another one could be the bushing that links the gear linkage to the gear box, heard reports its a great little mod thats cheap and improves gear changes hugely, especially going into reverse

    Here ya go, got to be one of my favourite pages on the net!


  • if the gearbox fluid is low, the gearbox will inevitably go bang, but topping it up will probably save it if you don't get crunching etc

  • @56e5b5cf61=Stephen-mx3:

    Here ya go, got to be one of my favourite pages on the net!


    wow that is useful… I'm not sure how I've missed it all this time...

    anyways like the others have said - check your gear oil level!

  • Well I couldn't get the f****** nut off the gearbox to check it!

    Will have to take it to the garage :(

    However I'm now not so sure its the gear oil, its too inconsistent. There did seem to be a little play in the gear linkages too…

  • id say get the oil compleatly changed coz is the oil gets older it gets thinner and that might b the problem also check the condition of the gearbox end cap mine rusted though a little while ago and thats where i lost my oil from and thay only cost around 25 +vat from mazda

  • Hi All,

    Had the gearbox oil changed as part of a driveshaft replacement.

    Unfortunately, didn't work. The problem appears to be getting gradually worse. Garage I got the driveshaft from "thought it felt fine"…brilliant.

    Trying to find a manual gearbox specialist in E. Sussex now.

    Edit: Mechanic did say the oil level was low though.

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