Standard MX3 - New Alloy Wheel Options ?

  • I want to replace my tired looking standard alloy's, what size, type etc do I need for a straight swap ?



  • Good call :wink:

    PCD 4x100
    ET 38-45 ??? not 100% on this exact range
    15-18"s fit fine
    Probably wouldn't fit wider than 7.5"

  • depending on the dish of the wheel you might niot be able to use 205s

    mine are 195 45 16
    the ally is 7.5
    gonna have to flare my rear arches to put 205 back on there

  • My standard wheels are 205/55/ r15 i now have some 16's. Should I fit 205/50 r16 or 45 r16. I gather 50 is a closer match, but would the 45's be better??

  • depending on how you wat your ride to be and cost of tires
    205 55 r16 is a cheeper tire size coz its more common so most places will have it in stock
    this is the size im planing on puting on my car
    smoother ride

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