Replacement speakers

  • Hi all. I purchased my V6 with some seroiously shity sounding speaker units. all 4 are blown. can someone advise on the spec of the originals for a cheap replacement. im not a modder so were looking at low end gear . prob 2 ways front and back. im not sure where people are measuring from but i make the units 15.5 cm which is off standard . i did see some alpines that were 16cm. also i noticed the rears have a cheap cardboard collar to butt them with the housing. kinda tacky even for the 90's :shock:

    Also there three point connections so the alpines seemd to look a better option as they have mulit slots on the edge.

    Help appreciated :lol:

  • ok ive checked around and even this site seems to confirm my suspicion that its not a match with aftermarket gear

  • for mine i got an adaptor plate from ebay, it came from the USA and allows any 15cm speakers, i assume, my pioneers fit them anyway. they will probablly work on the rears too i think they are the same.

  • cool thanks. i ended up at dynamic sounds and got some cheep kenwoods with the brackets. the rear barcket says its for a mx3 rear but claimed compatability with 16.5 cm dia but i measured the same units in the front and rear. seem to be 25 watt units so im sure the replacements will be better think theyr 150 watt theres a ministry of soound tacky head unit in there.

    thanks tho ill update if these dont go in nicely ?


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