New front bumper

  • Im not a fan of the jap raised middle or ott front bumpers.

    I want a Mazdaspeed or simiar style one, has anyone seen any similar or subtle front bumpers at a good price as im not paying £400 on POTN…

    I also dont want one that is much lower to the ground than std as i have dropped my car and speedbumps are not uncommon around here,

    Any replys welcome, thanks

  • theres a list of bumpers available in the uk in this section. Have a gander in there and see what ya can find :)

  • Yeah definitely check that list out, seems to have all of the bumpers I've ever come across:

    I'm considering splashing out for a custom kit not too unlike this lovely photoshop:

  • I wish you could get a decent arch kit for the MX-3

  • If I ever save enough for the custom kit I'll get some moulds done :D

  • searches for tissues after dreaming of a kit like that for my car :oops:

  • I have looked through there already, sorry i didnt mention that. I want the Mazdaspeed Front, the others just dont do it for me

    The only other one i like is below, but its just a bit to low to the grond and will get smashed up…...I may just customise my current bumper on my own next week, easier..

    That Photoshop is gorgeous, and very smilar to one i sketched up 6mth ago, nice one.

    The US guys no offence but they seem to talk alot instead of do it! Approach a Bodyshop and ask what they would want to produce those arches, im in if the cost is fair. I think any form of arches, even smpler ones would look great, ill get drawing…..

    Please can take Phobea's photoshop and change it all to red, no stripes..

  • only problem with the wide arch kits is you need big rims meaning big weight!

    Lots of stress on the bearings, driveshafts etc…

    For wheels that wide, you would either have to go 3 ways.

    1. Have your wheels sit under the arches by a long way,

    2. have custom rims made up with a custom offset and pcd or,

    3. Use hub adaptors making your rims 5 stud and buy a factory rim that wide

    And tommy, im with you... the yanks are deffo all talk! :p lol

  • Wouldn't wheel spacers work?

  • You could use wheel spacers if you could find some that bolted directly to the hub, and then you bolt the wheel to the spacer. Only thing with this is that its not recomended as you can never get the wheels to balance true!

  • Yeah lots of problems with adding arches.

    To do it right you would have to spend a load and you'd end up with alot more weight.

    But I'm not giving up on the dream, and I have seen MX3's with arches. Infact I have seen arches with some of the 'drift kits' I'll dig out the pic later.

  • It depends what you call a wide arch of course. I think ib just be happy with some mild flaired arches or extensions of an inch just like Peugeot 205 GTi/R5GTT arches but more rounded and blended in….

    Im looking around for what i want, ill buy them and chop and change bits and show you al what i come up with :D

  • You've gotta admit though, arches as nice as those in that Photoshop would be worth a little wallet spanking. I'm under no illusions of how much hard work goes into it though, arches that wide need reinforcement/frames and the wheels are another story altogether. I'm not massively fussed about the extra weight though.

    btw I didn't make that Photoshop it was some talented dude from the forums.

  • Okies, that looks great. It would be great as a shell to drop on a spaceframe chassis..

    As for my MX3, im going for the MazdaSpeed Ebruni Bumper now, weight is a bad thing in my book….. Our cars are front wheel drive so any extra weight is not going to help 0-100 times etc...

    Some MX3's look great for show but i cant see them moving well, i just like driving and winding up Subaru's and Evo's etc which is why im stripping out my MX with just a Polished Alu Roll Cage and two buckets

  • IMO the best combo:

    side skirts i havent looked yet … :wink:

  • Good to see you here OutlaW, been following your MX-3 project closely :)

    Have you seen any photos of that kit anywhere that are real and not photoshopped?

  • I choose the bumper's from the Shop's here @ the forum. I dont think they are photoshoped.
    But still, there is one user from that has that front bumper and it is AWESOME 8)


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