Possible Traqction Control light on????

  • my traction control light came on and stayed on, then went off and has come back again this has been going on since friday. Any ideas? I think its TC, orange and looks like a car skidding.

    Also got a clicking noise coming from my drivers front brake when i push the pedal, the fluid level is fine and so are the pads and disks. could this be related to the light on my dash?

    cant pull codes as its ODBII, i'd need a special code reader aparently.


  • that's an ABS problem I'm afraid!
    We don't have TC unless you get megasquirt or the like. Probably a dirty sensor, usually the front ones- have a clean,reset codes. They're on the back of the hub pointing at the toothed part of the CV.

  • thanks for the quick response, are we talking expensive? i thought it might be ABS cos it did that pumping thing yesterday when i came off the motorway.

    just looking at the OBD2 connectors and mines not the same, i have the diagnostics box near the battery so i might be able to find the codes that way. from what i have read, the ODB2 came in in 1996 in the USA but in 2001 over here so hopefully i'll be able to get the codes.

  • best way to check sensors is to disconnect in the engine bay and measure resistance across the 2 terminals, blank = broken, 0 = shorted, 1.5kohm = working IIRC.

    Expensive to buy from dealer as all things are! Scappers FTW :)
    Yea I've 2 95 mxs both are OBDI!

  • took it in to the garage and he pluged it in, but it wouldn't give any codes just said error, he tried two different machines. this makes me think that it could be OBD2 because you cant pull codes from the diagnostics box under the bonnet apparently. But i read that OBD2 did not get brought in to the uk untill 2001, but it was 1996 in the USA.

    Also where do the sensors plug in to test them??

  • Mines a 98, it's OBDII and I've had fault codes for my ABS pulled from the socket under the bonnet. Not much help for you but I do remember my regular mechanic telling me that he couldn't do it with his machines as neither would work and that I needed t contact someone who had the right software for Mazdas.

  • The sensors connectors are in the corners of the engine bay close to the strut mounts. They are wrapped in foamy stuff to stop them rattling etc, so you gotta hack that off. The just measure resistance with a multimeter. Can't believe the garage couldn't manage that :roll:

    On mx-3.com people have said that normal OBDII readers don't work, you need one that applies to that particular OBDII standard/iso type. Multimeter FTW :wink:

  • thanks,

    oh yeh that thread i started on mx-3.com was started before this one marco haha. anyway my account seems to be shut down on there when i log in it says this board has no forums, but when i log out i can read it all, but not post! grrr


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