Please someone give ne a miracle lol

  • took tyhe newly fotted engine out for a spin today (klze)
    ran great, then started smoking when i gave it some.
    got it home, left it, went to it again, then started to develop a missfire
    im rekong its picked up a ring or head gasket has gone
    anyone got any ideas that doesnt mean ive gota take a motor out ive just spent ages getting in

  • check taht the plugs are in tight ansd their isnt any oil leaking in the cylinders seen a few cars have a problem with simlar syptoms as urs caused buy this!

  • how do i check if oil is getting into the cylinders???

  • jus add a few things aswell, that i forgot, was late last night when i posted, have removed lamba sensors, doubt this would make a difference though
    it started to smoke first, then whilst was driving it started to slightly miss
    got it home left it, came back after and hour, warmed her up again, and wouldnt even tick over and was missing alll over the place
    all 6 sparks are good,
    gonna try and do a comp test today
    did try pressurising to see if it was the head gasket and didnt really seem to be
    not sure how ya test if its rings, by the looks of the plugs tho, shes running oily :evil:

  • you cant really tell onle real way is if your plugs are oily and if when you put your plug socket in it comes out oily!

    way of solving that is to replace the camcover gasket! shouldnt need skimming bit is advised! cost no moere than 40 for teh gasket kit and 20 for skimming if this is the problem!

    also try resistance testing the MAF

    anouther test is put a piece of paper behind the exhaust give it some revvs and smell the liquid on the paper if it smells really fuel potent you will be over fueling! (it will smell of fuel no matter what but if the smell is really strong)

    Take out your plugs and use a guide like that one.

    ECU give any codes?

    Test the rings:
    Do a compression test, record the readings, ze should be 210+
    Add a few drops of oil though the spark plug hole, repeat test
    If it has improved then you're rings are out

    If it is no better but still low it's probably a valve problem. And if your plugs have oil on the inside valve seals are a suspect. If on the top, like Simon says (lol) the cam cover gasket, hope it's this one!

  • wont be the cam cover gasket as replaced these as all the other anceleries when i put the motor in
    i dont know how to pull codes lol
    and whats the MAF
    (off topic sligtly, so annoying, jap fest, this sataday, on a stand and my bday, if i dont get it fixed wont be goin thas why im so intent on getting it sorted :twisted:

  • admin


    i dont know how to pull codes lol
    and whats the MAF

    To pull ECU codes:

    You will need a 12V LED and bit of wire around 10CM is best!

    Find the diagnostics box in the engine bay - its normally on the right hand side, near the firewall and behind the battery, it has DIAGNOSTICS printed on it.

    Open it up and jump connectors TEN and GND with the wire

    Then put the LED across B+ (The positive wire or leg here) to FEN

    Turn the ignition to ON and the light should start flashing!

    Note down the flashes and then check the online manuals for the codes.

    The MAF is actually a VAF which is your inlet air sensor(s) this is normally found on the pipe that connects the Airbox to the Manifold.


  • i replaced the pipe that goes from the air flow meter to the inlet manifold with silicone hose for my cai, are there censors in that pipe i removed
    but it did run fine before this started happening

  • Nope you just need the vaf, which is that black cylinder which the contains your air flow sensor so to speak.

  • ye got that
    think the engine buggered id imagine
    oh well lol

  • :lol: oh well?! I'd be going postal! Have you done a compression test yet? Lets not give up yet ;)

  • admin


    ye got that
    think the engine buggered id imagine
    oh well lol

    Dont give up yet…. have a look at the ECU codes, the ECU might be able to tell you exactly what is wrong.. maybe!


  • i guess will crack on with the codes and a comp test an will let you know the results
    just out of intrst is there an oversize piston set avalible for the motor???
    you can see where this is going 8)

  • :lol: that's the spirit! People have overbored to 2.7:twisted:


    Piston Rings
    Ross Racing
    $22 each

    Topline OEM
    $191 (with rings)
    $629 (no coating or rings, can be bought to fit Millenia Rods)

  • have had a glimmer and i say glimmer of hope
    i DIDNT fit lambas as i wasnt supplied wit any
    apparently i mita washed the bores out, to a degree
    am scurreying around trying to get me hands on some lambas and see what happens
    comp test came back ok,
    but still havnt checked codes as couldnt find the list on the link lol
    thanks up to now for all the help and suggestions :D
    im trying to stay smilin
    if it aint the lambas then im gonna rebore i rekn, no turbo, mite look down the route of a charger instead
    if i does work, im keepin her jus the way she is :lol:

  • :lol: good work! Well I think it defaults to a rich fuel map in that case. So it shouldn't be so bad as to fully wash the bores out. Compressions a good sign, you should probably change the oil though!

    Hope they do the trick, they are quite on the important side of parts… :lol:

  • ok quick update and in need of some more help AGAIN
    found out it had wrong sparks in, so and engine flush new sparks and oil soon sorted out the missfire
    no lambas as of yet
    IT still smokes like a bitch
    and on further inspection there is oil residue in the inlet
    any more help woulkd be great

  • sounds like the rocker cover gasket

    when you took the sparks out was there any oil on the bottom of the HT leads/top of the sparks?

  • well i replaced both of them when the engine was out
    there wqas a tad of oil in the rockers, but suerely the gaskets wouldnt degrade so quick
    mechaninc still rekons its rings :x


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