Automatic 5 seep

  • Good afternoon All,

    Do you know if I can replace my automatic gear box 4 speed of my Mx3 by automatic gear box 5 speed for my mx3,

    thank you


  • Yes you can! And you will love it :D

    If you're v6 you can also use gbx from
    probe v6 2.5
    626 v6 2.5
    323f ba 2.0 v6
    mx6 v6 2.5

    and a few others, though some have slightly taller gears. If you're 1.5/6 you still can, just not those cars :wink:

  • thank you your feed back but this automatic gear box has only 4 speed i looking for automatic gear box 5 speed.

    Do you know any model we could fit.

    Thank you for your help,

    Best regards


  • Good evening Marco,

    quick question did you do your car by yourself or did you go to a garage?

    If you did via a garage, could you please give me the contact of the garage.

    thank you,



  • I'd think it would be easier putting a 5 speed manual in there wouldn't it? unless theres a reason you want an auto? :?

  • DIY for the win ;) I have little faith in my local mechanics, and even if I did I doubt you'd want to get the boat over for them :lol: Have to agree with unicorn, manual is the way to be.

    I'm sure someone here could recommend a local for you :?:

  • last time i was in mazda there was a bloke asking the same question. overheard that mazda think the 1.6 box from the mx5 should fit and also th3 1.8se mx5 box on the v6. dont hold me on that just managed to get last part of convo but worth asking about that


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