Size of Speakers, Front?

  • Anyone know what size speakers are fitted to the front of the MX3?

    Seem to have a right hand side front speaker thats failed (hopefully its not the wiring!)

  • I have an original speaker here if you want it (them). replaced mine a while ago then some muppet ran into the back of my car and wrote it off. The cone is about 4 1/2".

    You can get some adaptor rings from halfords for about £10 (actually for the 323 but fits MX-3) then you can fit any standard 5.25" speakers.

    Look here

  • The speaker size on the majority of jap cars is 16 cm
    i've the vibe se-k al round without a bother with clearence
    very simple job just time consuming
    if ya want i'll take some pic of my door(s) and take the card off to give ya a better idea

  • yeh can i have some pics pz im intrested in up gradeing mine there good standerd but just wanna make it specal


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