96 Mx3 Front Wheel Hub

  • Well lads just a quick query. I've looked high and low to find a front replacement wheel hub and still no joy. I've checked Ebay and several other parts sites and the best I can find is a hub to fit the mx3 for the years 92-94. Is there anyone out there that can help locate the hub to fit a 96 Mx-3 V6, car is still locked in the garage and it's a long weekend coming up!!! please help :cry: :cry: :cry:

  • I thought they were the same! what is the difference between the two if not?

    there are a few members on here that are braking v6's so they may help you!

  • oh and hi and welcome :D

  • I know I thought the same until I was speaking to a rep in autopartswarehouse but maybe its worth a try its only $40 plus postage

  • are the hubs so different on your 96? I didn't realize there was a difference because of year… but we didn't get them over here in those years


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