BP engine pricing?

  • Im looking for a bp engine, and i have been quoted £365 for the engine ECU and wiring loom and delivery, does this sound like the right price??

  • just found out the engine has 190000 miles on it!

  • lol that explains it, was a good price until you said that!

  • Holy god!!

    But if you got new seals, gaskets, piston rings etc it still might run sweet.

    Just take it apart and clean down everything and replace anything that is f**cked.

    Cause there the parts that will see the strain, the block and stuff wont really be affected by the mileage.

    You'd probably need a new turbo though! Maybe a big juicy Garrett!

  • hmm yea maybe a bit of an overbore would be in order, which isn't so bad. Though prob wanna replace springs, hlas, bearings…. Complete rebuild. I'd batter them way down or just look elsewhere! but maybe take the loom and ecu off them if they can give a good price?

  • and if you dont want the ECU and loom, i'd happily liberate from them!

    There is a B6T engine over here but with no ECU or loom

  • think im going to get the ecu and loom from them, although i wont need them for a while.

    ive found another engine with 82000 on they want £210 for might haggle a bit. I was planning on new rings, gaskets, belts pretty much a rebuild. Going to veiw it tomorow.

    Its not got a turbo, its just the standard bp, not the bpt.


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