Colour Sample Book!!

  • I was wondering if people could post a picture of MX3's in as many colours as they can find?

    Im gettin it sprayed, thought i wanted Bayside Blue. Changed my mind. Thought i wanted black, changed my mind.


  • i allways liked the matalic gray thay come in

  • i was thinkin the lambo grey alright, but i have black wheels and i know they look mint with a red body.

    look at Tommy D's!

    I'd love to see it in Bayside Blue. anyone any good with photoshop…...

  • Had a quick blast, didn't quite capture the metallic decently. You get the idea :P

    Kiwi for the craic

    Any other requests? Got it set up now so it's easy :)

  • thats a real tidy job marco!!

    thats cool, at least gives me an idea!

    thanks marco

  • the vw golf r32 blue would look nice on the mx i recon!

  • thats the exact colour i was thinking off!

    i think its on the Mondeo ST220 as well. looks amazing, very close to Marco's job

  • just found the paint code (LB5R) on the internet, so i think ill go ahead with that one.

    i've never seen that blue on an mx before

  • what colour blue is it? the ford st blue or the vw blue? or what manufacturer colour is it closest too? wauxhalls arden blue is nice toobut dont think it would suit the mx

  • this is hopefully the future colour of my car:

    The picture doesn't do this colour justice though, you need to see it!

  • nice :) Got any quotes yet? I always wanted a black mx3, and now I do. So I think I'll leave mine, at least for now!

  • bayside blue

  • i have a secret painter, known only to those who are worthy!

    €800 or thereabouts which is unreal, i hear he's the best

    He's tax "exempt"

    Thanks for the pic Rob, you going ahead with the bayside blue?

  • noway! For that I would get a respray! Life without tax would be so good. Must charge pay himself 50p an hour though :lol: Any pics other of that car rob? Looks sweet.

  • ye, i cant wait.

    My paint work is in bad shape. Scratches, dents, cracks and different colours!

    I wont let anyone breathe on it when it gets done!

    i think red mx's look amazing, i think you should keep it red.

  • my klze-to-be project mx3 is black :twisted: which I love. But would love a really metallic perhaps pearlescent blue, not far off from what you're getting!

  • they do look super mean in black!

    are u gettin a garage to drop in the ZE or are you gonna do it yourself?

    and did i see somewhere you have the SE engine (144bhp)?

  • Nah no se engine, just plain ole uk spec. I'm sceptical theres that much difference between k8de and k8ze!

    All DIY, best way to learn! Black car has had its engine out for months now. Finally got my ZE last month. It had water in it :( so I stripped it down to heads. Replaced valve springs and retainers with interprep (valvetrain redline will now be approx 7800 :D) did bit of knife edging and P&P on exhaust side, head gaskets, now waiting for mr fidanza to turn up :lol:

  • oh! i didnt realise you has 2 cars!

    I'd love to have the space to strip down the engine and replace all the valves springs, seals, clean out all the rubbish and gunk and have it running sweet!

    im checking out

    They have some really sweet head packages that include everything! up to 55whp extra for about $1500, so i want the car to look good if it can go good!

  • that's some gain! Would be amazed if they could get that much out ze heads, which already flow very well. Guess the high lift cams would help, quite a package. I don't have the space really I just take over my parents house room by room :lol: But my lifesaver has been a cheapo tent style gazebo in the back garden where I've been rebuilding the engine :D But yea I wanted a rust free black mx3, so I picked one up in England and boated it home. Had to keep the red one until this ones done, even then I'll struggle to let it go!


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