Gearbox Oil Spec & Where to buy driveshaft Oil Seals?

  • Hi All,

    Quick one this - FordProbeStore sell uprated Synthetic gearbox oil. at 86k miles, is it worth buying the expensive stuff (given it'd be £35-40 vs £10!).

    In addition, does anyone know where to get a driveshaft oil seal for my Mx3? Or the spec of it so I can get a generic?

  • My Auto Data at work recomends EPB 75/90 semi-synthetic. The gear box holds 2.7 litres.

    I spoke to my local parts company and they reffered me to Mazda to source the oil seal. Sorry no luck there, not even dimensions.


  • Geez mate, thanks for all the effort! Much appreciated!

    Figured the seal might be Mazda only (its a relatively unusual car afterall). I suspect the one on there is fine anyway.

  • cv joint grease can be bought at any auto shop.
    i payed 8 odd quid for a big tub.
    not sure on oil but i guess it wont be much from mazda.
    infact pm me and i will tell you exactly what oil it is as i have my hand book some where.
    not sure how old this post is so sorry if a late reply and your sorted


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