What do i need for the engine swap

  • Ok well my engine appears to be nackered, going through all its oil in 1000 miles.

    So im puttin my paint job and body kit on hold and doin the engine swap. Im planning on gettin a jap spec engine so the higher power version think its 202bhp.

    Anyway i know the engines aren't exspensive but what else do i need to get or should i be thinking to replace when im doing the swap as i wan to do everything at once.

    Any help woul be great and sorry if i posted in the wrong section.

  • If you get a KLZE you will also require an ECU which is a KL31/KL36.

    Thats about it as far as i know, ppl please add to list.

  • So i need an ecu okdokie.

    Should i be thinking about changing the clutch and maybe the fly wheel while i have the engine out for higher spec ones.

    Can the standard mx3 gearbox cope as well

  • Probably best to upgrade the clutch for the extra power.

    The g/box should be strong enough, use the K8 flywheel as it is ligther than any others and will let the car rev faster.

  • go with a fidanza flywheel, you can use a stock clutch unless you will be racing then maybe a stage 1 or 2 should be fine…

  • flywheel maybe fidanza if you cba spending 250+ on it or k8 beats the ze fly as mechanic said- about 16lb k8 VS 21lbs klze
    exhaust headers of US ebay only 130 delivered
    definately need new clutch stage 1+
    gearbox will take it fine
    ecu get kl31/kl36/ or probinator chip(cheapest and many swear by it) or megasquirt. But you can run on the k8 until you get sorted.
    If you get kl31 or kl31 1a1 heads you may want to upgrade valve retainers to DE ones as they have been known to drop

    If you want 198bhp klze you need to look for:
    kl31 1a1 or kl31 on heads
    kl31 cams
    flat top pistons


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